Custom Shaped Domed Labels

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The sky's the limit with custom shaped domed emblems, badges, and labels. If you have any question about your custom shaped art, please let us know and we'll let you know if it is ok to produce.

  • Optically clear raised domed coating
  • Adhesive Backed
  • You provide your artwork
  • No Minimum Quantity
  • Full Color Digital Print
  • Outstanding Results!
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Proof is optional and only provided upon request. We will not produce copyright logos unless express written permission is provided.
Artwork must be sized to the finished size you are ordering.
Print ready vector based artwork required.
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About Domed Labels

Explain how the pricing works?

Pricing is based on the number of labels you order. We have no minimums, however we do have limited capacity so our maximum quantity is displayed above. If you order just a few domed labels you will pay a premium the lower quantity you go. This is because there is a waste, material, and time cost associated with every domed order no matter if we do 100 or 1.

Label Printing Process

We produce labels on 2mil vinyl and digitally print your design on a 6 color solvent printer.

Domed Coating Characteristics

Our resin is a two part polyurethane based resin. It cures optically clear and does not exihibit fading or yellowing characteristcs some UV based resins show.


Generally domed labels will stick to the same surfaces that as our vinyl lettering. These include smooth paint, clear coats, gel coats, glass, and smooth plastic. To apply your label simply lift it off of the backing paper and apply it to your surface. Our resin is flexible and can be bent around moderate curves.

Weather Resistance and Durability

We use the same polyurethane based resin for labels as we do on lettering. Look for around 5 years outdoor life out of your label as well as increased durability because of the resin coating.

Custom Shapes

For custom shapes we highly recommend you email us your artwork before placing an order. This allows us to review what you are planning to order and alert you of any artwork modifications we'll need to make.

Production Time

Domed labels may have a slightly larger production time depending on the size of order you place. We can typically produce less than 100 labels in our 3-5 day window. Larger quantities may take 7-10 business days.

How do labels arrive?

Your labels will arrive in sheets either stacked or loosely rolled for shipping. We recommend you unpack your labels and store them flat if they are not immediately used.