Become a Domed Lettering Dealer

We're excited to announce the dealer program is now active and accepting applications. The dealer program is designed to provide to the wholesale trade pricing and features not otherwise available on our website. Now you can sell domed lettering along with your other products!

What are the benefits of joining?

  • Simple trade pricing
  • Streamlined order process
  • Centralized order management
  • Same great order turnaround and service we provide to our retail customers.
  • New and innovative dealer only features coming...

Who is the dealer program designed for?

In order to qualify for the dealer program you must meet the following criteria.

  • You must operate (or be an employee of) an actual business and provide a valid resale or tax exempt certificate(varies state to state) upon registration (see below)
  • Must be in the business of selling products or services to boat owners locally or a related field.
  • Example registrant businesses: Marinas, boat repair and maintenance companies, boat dealers, and sign and digital graphics companies.

Who is the dealer program not design for?

The dealer program is not intended for individuals, web based companies, or one off purchases. We also verify all applications for accuracy. We highly suggest you register with a business email address to ensure approval.

Do I receive a dealer territory?

We do not enforce territory restrictions.

Can you ship direct to my customer?

Yes, we can ship directly to you or your customer. Receipts in the box will not contain pricing information. We do not offer blind shipping. Receipts and shipping labels will read