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We're giving you the freedom to pick the package that fits your needs the best. We primarily service boat owners since domed lettering is very popular on boats. However, our domed lettering works on more than just boats. It will stick on the same surfaces that vinyl lettering will. You have the option of unchecking the 'make it domed' check box on any step and receiving regular vinyl lettering instead for a reduced price. You can also go to the regular vinyl lettering wizarddirectly.

Boat Combo Deals

Own a boat? One of these packages below is for you! Dome any or all of your lettering in each step. Save $$$$ by purchasing items together.

Registration Number Sample Boatname and Hailport Sample

Other Deals

Domed lettering works on more than just boats. It will stick to any flat surface that typical vinyl lettering will. If you need to design individual lettering you can pick one of the packages below.

More Information

What is doming and why do I want it?

Read all about how doming works here. Domed lettering is simply vinyl lettering with doming epoxy resin on top of it. It creates a really nice looking domed effect that is common on boats. Where boat manufacturers buy domed lettering in bulk we specialize in custom names, numbers, and lettering.

How long does domed lettering last?

You should see 5 - 7 years of life out of your lettering. More is very common, but it depends on if your boat is stored outside or not. One important distinction is that there are multiple methods to dome lettering. We use a two part epoxy mix that must air dry. This is different from a UV cured process. Our process last MUCH longer and does not yellow in the sun like UV cured epoxy.

A word about colors when domed...

When domed the color of lettering can take on slightly different hues. White will often take the tint of the color next to it. White only lettering can take an off white or egg shell white appearance. This is the nature of the process. On the flip side colors such as Chrome and specialty films are amplified and look pretty amazing when domed.

What can I design?

Design whatever you want. We give you all the tools to create a fitting design to your taste. We have nearly 100 fonts and colors available. We also have text effects such as shadow and outline enabled. If you can't design what you want on our site then send us an email and we can probably do it.

How does pricing work?

Pricing is calculated based on the number of colors, size of your lettering, any options you choose, and also what package you selected. The easiest way to determine your price is simply click on package and get the price in real time.

Domed Lettering Installation Video